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A Cottesloe Civic Centre Wedding with Krissy and Ben

These guys could not stop smiling the entire day! Check out all the action below!
Cottesloe Civic Centre Wedding

Krissy and Ben made it official at the Cottesloe Civic Centre while overlooking the Indian Ocean, and it was quite a day to remember. These guys were all about having fun and we definitely did. Check out all the pics and their little interview below

Tell us about how you met? Were there any funny first date stories?

Like a lot of modern day love stories, our story started when I (Krissy) swiped right on Tinder. It became clear early on, we shared many mutual friends, which as a result, led to both of us receiving inside information about each other before our first date. Generally, we were both warned we may not be not be the right fit for each other due to our history. However despite this, we went on our first date at the Shorehouse.

I thought the first date went well. We both loved red wine, dogs and Pringles. Ben wasn’t too convinced. I was yawning through majority of the date, and I tripped over my dress as I ran into the Uber, leaving before Ben could go in for the first kiss. Ben even called one of his friends believing there was no chance of a second date.

It turns out Ben was wrong and after a few more messages, a second date down the beach followed. It was here where we shared our first kiss.

Cottesloe Civic Centre Wedding

Cottesloe Civic Centre Wedding

Cottesloe Civic Centre Wedding

Question 3 – How did he propose to you?

The proposal story started off when we embarked on our first overseas holiday together. Denmark and Norway were on the cards. The plan – Ben was to meet my (Krissy’s) family in Denmark, then off to Norway to see the Northern Lights where Ben planned to propose. Looking at the weather forecast for Norway in Denmark it looked like Ben had to change his plan due to the overcast cloudy conditions.

Conveniently that day we went for a walk in a forest just outside of Copenhagen near where we were staying. It was then that the snow started to fall lightly and I said to Ben how perfect is this? This was a light bulb moment for Ben. When we got back to the house Ben went through his camera and told me that all the photos they took at the forest didn’t work out. They had to go back. Ben now had picked the ring up from home and it was going to happen. We walked back into the forest where Ben dropped to a knee on the snow. After I threw around a few choice swear words, I realized Ben, the typical joker, was actually being serious for once. I then yelled yes in the forest.